Awesome Camping Accessories for Kids in 2020

Doing anything with children can be difficult. Camping is no exception. Without the comforts of a kitchen, wifi and a toilet, kids may have trouble adjusting to life in the great outdoors. Here is a list of awesome camping accessories for kids to help you avoid that.

10 awesome accessories for camping with kids

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Marshmallow roasting sticks

Honestly, what’s not to love about these???

  • They cook your mallows (or hot dogs or kabobs) over the fire without you having to find a gross and unsanitary tree limb.
  • They are long 32 inches long, prefect for roasting from a safe distance.
  • Fork rotation also occurs at the flick of your fingers, meaning no uneven cooking.

A sleeping bag fit for a kid (or an adult, actually)

A sleeping bag is a must have for all members of your camping party. This one are great because:

  • it’s lightweight (2 lbs) but long enough for most men (71 inches)
  • Good at low temps of 40 degrees
  • They donate sleeping bags to communities around the USA
  • 100% satisfaction policy

fans with lights and lights with fans

Sometimes, you need a fan because it’s hot outside. Sometimes you need a light because the sun has gone to bed. Sometimes you need both. This one is both as well as:

  • 3 levels of brightness of the lights
  • Ultra-quiet with high airflow
  • USB charge that lasts 6 to 24 hours

chairs for kids less than 4 years old

A tiny chair for tiny tots (less than 4 years old) can be very beneficial, both to tots and parents. This one is especially nice because it:

  • can be easily compacted and comes with a carrying bag
  • has a dishwasher-safe tray and 3 point harness
  • can be strapped to a regular chair if needed

(Please don’t leave kids unattended in this or any other chair. Ever.)

Lights for your head

Headlights are super fun as well as helpful. Having a headlight gives you back both hands while still allowing you to see. Seeing is very important when you’re a kid. This headlight:

  • is lightweight and made of durable materials
  • has 7 lighting options
  • uses AAA batteries
  • has a 100% guarantee (if you don’t like it, return it)

Explorer kits for boys and girls

Kids like bugs. Kids like catching things. Kids like looking at things. Kids like making noise. This kit has means for all those and more. It has:

  •  binoculars, a compass, flashlight, butterfly net, magnifying glass, critter case, whistle, tweezers, bug containers, hat and backpack
  • a recommended age of 3 years old to 7 years old
  • made of durable materials

Reading materials

Camping related books are always a good idea, especially to get kids away from dwelling on the fact that they don’t have any wifi or cell phone reception.

Here are some great ones for kids of all ages:

Glow Sticks are always a good idea

Glow sticks are a fun toy at any time, but especially on camping trips. Not only do the kids get to glow, but the parents have a better idea where the kids are when mother nature turns the lights out. These glowsticks:

  • Can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, butterflies, flowers and more
  • Glow for approximately 8 hours once activated.

Bug spray, Sunscreen or both

Sunscreen and bug spray are both extremely important for a positive camping experience. Getting good ones are even more important. This one:

  • is an SPF 30
  • is wonderful for all members of the family
  • is non greasy and leaves skin soft and smooth

Tiny toilet

Some littles like doing their “business” in nature. Some, unfortunately, do not. Having a portable potty will help the ones that don’t. This toilet:

  • is full sized, so it’s suitable for adults as well as kids
  • is made of durable plastic
  • has handles for easy carrying
  • comes with a bag for disposal, but extra bags and gelling/deodorizing chemicals are recommended

A tent bigger than you think you will need

Kids take up quite a bit of space. Take into account toys, books and other forms of entertainment and you may notice yourself in need of some additional real estate for camping. This tent:

  • is big enough for 6 people
  • has light-blocking technology so you can have the darkness inside your tent for a bit longer
  • has a screened in room for outdoor play without the bugs.

You can check out more 6 person tents here. If those are too big, here’s a list of some of the best 4 person tents.

DO you have an awesome kid-approved camping accessory that didn’t make our list?

Leave a comment and let us know all about it.

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